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Rapid Deployment Force Protection

AVS-elli FORCE PROTECTION - Access Point Control or Full Site Protection

AVS-elli FORCE PROTECTION products are in use by various parts of the Australian military. The Quickfit barrier system is ideally suited to expeditionary force protection – it is rugged, compact and easily air transportable.

Our barrier systems are easily set up by non specialist labour in very short time.

The LW3 QF as shown here is designed and tested to stop a 3.5 tonne vehicle traveling at 30kmh.

Manual or automated operation using the QFD Hydraulic Power Unit, access is easily granted to authorised vehicles at the press of a button.


avselli LW3 QF with bastions
AVS-elli LW7 Vehicle Barrier harsh conditions

Rapid Deployment Site Protection

For full site protection, the AVS-elli LW7H Rapid Deployment Site Protection System interfaces to the world leading HESCO Bastion system to provide vehicular access to a secure site. Tested to PAS68, 7.5 tonne @ 48 kmh, this combination provides a formidable barrier, yet is extremely quick to set up and extremely quick to redeploy to counter changing threats.


The original earth-filled defensive barriers: available in Australia through AVS-elli. HESCO MIL UNITS complement AVS-elli barriers to provide  personnel protection and hostile vehicle control.

Its unrivalled innovative design has safeguarded personnel, vehicles, equipment, facilities and other critical assets for governments, the military and humanitarian and civilian operations for over two decades.

avselli Hesco BastionSoldiers near Hesco Bastion
avselli LW3 QF packed
avselli camo cover