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AVS-elli Foundation Installation


The AVS-elli team is fully experienced to ensure a smooth installation of your barriers. A high quality installation is essential to ensure the proper and reliable operation of the barrier.

AVS-elli has the in house capability to manage the entire process including major and complex installations. This includes any specialist engineering and designs of footing arrangements, conduit and cable requirements as well as CAD drawings required by consultants, builders and architects.

avselli bollard foundation

Service and Maintenance

FOLDING BLOCK vehicle barriers require a periodic maintenance inspection by an accredited AVS-elli Service engineer, who will perform any subsequent service works.

Maintenance schedules are established based on traffic models, barrier activation-frequencies, and the environmental conditions in which the barrier is deployed.

Please consult with AVS-elli or its agent to determine whether your application requires any variation from the usual maintenance schedule (6-monthly).

As with installation, AVS-elli specifies that only authorised and trained personnel be engaged for all maintenance and repair work, in order to guarantee the manufacturing warranty and ensure the barrier’s performance and long operational life.

In unusual or over-riding circumstances eg. military or remote applications or scenarios where the professional maintenance and repair expertise is available in house, please discuss with AVS-elli direct.

AVS-elli equipment Warning Label
AVS-elli LW3 twin Vehicle Barriers in open position

Repairs & Spare Parts

In the event of a serious vehicle impact – the barrier may be destroyed, and a replacement barrier may need to be deployed at the site.

In the case of minor or accidental impacts – spare parts are available, and minor repair works can be conducted on site.

A professional assessment will be required after any significant impact with the FOLDING BLOCK barrier.

Contact AVS-elli direct for all sales, installation, maintenance and repair enquiries.

Key AVS-elli personnel have had over 30 years experience in all aspects of security and most importantly in perimeter protection for critical infrastructure. We know what works and we are often the Consultant’s consultant.

We have professional engineers on staff as well as CAD specialists and can produce documentation and drawings to suit most needs.

We are familiar with the requirements on large projects and can produce risk management, safety and other required compliance documentation.

We can work with project architects to ensure the myriad of design considerations are considered and documented. Our aim always is to do our best to ensure the end user has a reliable, cost effective solution for their facility.

We offer a low risk solution and can assist with tender responses where our products are specified or suit an application.