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End of Life Data Destruction (ELDD)

Computer hard drive destruction technology

AVS-elli designs and manufactures mobile and fixed base hard drive and circuit board destructors

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In seconds!

AVS-elli Media Destructor HDD Waste

AVS-elli’s media destruction vehicle provides a fully auditable end-to-end data destruction solution. Designed primarily to obliterate hard drives, destruction speeds average 15 seconds per drive. On-board CCTV provides complete operational security and the destruction process ensures information security and brand protection.

AVS-elli Media Destructor HDD insertion


Hard drives are loaded into the vehicle via the tailgate lifting device. Each item is placed on a conveyor and has its identity recorded and a photo taken with a time/date stamp before proceeding through to the destruction cell. Unidentifiable Items are returned to the operator undamaged via a secure reject chute.


The vehicle body has three compartments consisting of two operational areas and a generator cell that powers the complete system when onsite facility power is not available. The operator’s compartment and machinery compartment are environmentally and hermetically separated.

The vehicle is designed to fit into a standard dock facility allowing maximum security protection during the destruction process.

AVS-elli Media Destructor HDD's awaiting processing
AVS-ell Media Destructor Processed hard drive
Data Centre equipment

The on-board CCTV system captures both the operator and machinery compartments. The CCTV system provides a visual audit trail of the processing session which can be supplied to the client. The process automatically generates a report, including photographs and serial numbers of all devices obliterated.

The e-waste particles enter a secure waste bin which can then be sent away for downstream “Green” recycling.


AVS-elli will design and build fixed base destructor systems to meet client requirements. These systems suit high volume applications – typically for data centres. 

Our destructor systems solve the problem of end of life destruction of hard drives and associated equipment.

avselli fixed base destructor