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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barrier Rental

Rent a HVM Barrier from AVS-elli for your temporary event

AVS-elli can supply, deliver and setup our LW3 Quickfit barrier to provide hostile vehicle protection for your temporary event.

Your risk assessment may have identified the need to protect your temporary event venue from hostile vehicle attack. This may be for a large public event or events involving visiting dignitaries and VIP’s. Renting barriers from AVS-elli can solve the problem for you.

Now there is an alternative for the need for the organization to make a large capital purchase. AVS-elli HVM barriers can be rented via operational expenditure for the duration of the event.

AVS-elli HVM barriers are designed for the protection of:

  • Large public gatherings
  • Temporary sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Markets
  • Festivals
  • Ports and visiting cruise ships
  • Critical infrastructure during construction works
  • Visiting dignitaries and VIP’s
    Or anywhere it is essential to reduce the risk of a hostile vehicle attack
AVS-elli LW3 Quickfit deployed


Designed for very quick installation where no surface attachment or mains power is available. Using the  Australian designed and made AVS-elli LW3 FOLDING BLOCK barrier attached to a pair of McGirr type blocks provides a level of protection not previously available to protect vehicle access points for temporary events and places of mass gatherings.


The AVS-elli LW Series FOLDING BLOCK barriers use our proven geometry and energy dissipation methods to arrest hostile vehicles. 

Ideal for temporary event security and altering approach routes and managing traffic flow.

Engineered to 260 KJ with a 950mm wide blade, this barrier provides versatile protection capabilities.

Please note: At this time, rental barriers are only available in Australia and are subject to availability.

AVS-elli LW3 Quickfit Vehicle Barrier with galvanised finish