AVS-elli – Hostile Vehicle Mitigation | Data Destruction Equipment Manufacturers

Rapid Prototyping and Small Order Production

AVSelli is a leader in the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) field and the development of code compliant Data Destruction Technology and hardware end of life recording equipment.

Our in-house capability includes 3d printing, and modelling for 5 axis-milling, and laser cutting. Software coding of PLC and custom software for integrated machine control, are all available here.

We have in house 2 D and 3 D software, and the expertise to draw and make a scale (or full size) replica of most any item you may require, for small run, high diversity manufacture.  

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is available from our partner company and is frequently used by us in our HVM business. FEA is essential when modelling complex events like vehicle impacts, product wear and fatigue.

All the products you see on this website are products of our design team.

We have in house 3d printers capable of fast prototyping almost any shape that you require.

If you have an idea and wish to develop it into a working prototype or indeed take it to a fully developed product ready for market, email prototyping@avselli.com Or call us on 0418 105 953