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AVS-elli BarrierGuard Lifter in operation

BG 800 Lifter designed and constructed for Boylan Group

2013 Wayne Duckworth National Operations Manager for the Boylan Group who are local distributors for UK based Highway Care, the manufacturers of the BG 800 Secure Guard product approached AVS-elli to design and develop a lifting frame to allow the steel profile to be stacked 4 high on a semitrailer in order to improve OH&S and to capture economies of scale on freight.

Typically, a semitrailer carries about 32 metres of concrete road barrier for temporary deployment on work sites. Using the BG 800 lifter it is possible to transport 144 linear metres of Barrier Guard on one semitrailer giving freight savings of 75 %.

AVS-elli developed a Risk Analysis for the device and designed and built a prototype lifting frame with guidance and input from Wayne and Graeme Hill of Advitech Pty Ltd a specialist engineering firm based out of Newcastle in NSW who as specialists in the design of lifting equipment.

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