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AVS-elli mobile Destructor Truck

AVS-elli develops highly secure media destruction equipment

Over a two and a half year period, AVS-elli has been busy working on the development of a media destruction device for what we believe is going to be a big business in years to come.

With the advent of rigorous privacy laws both here and overseas large penalties can be applied if personal data is not adequately protected.

We have developed cost effective technology to assist organisations securely dispose of their End of Life data storage equipment. Our truck can destroy 2.5 inch hard disc drives at the rate of one every 15 seconds and Solid State drives at better than on every 8 seconds.

Self-powered by on-board generator, and featuring a very secure “Chain of Custody” audit system the final machine meets the most exacting standards laid out by auditing security bodies.

For further information, see AVS-elli’s Data Destruction site.