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ARSB Anti Ram Sliding Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barrier

The AVS-elli ARSB Sliding Arm HVM Barrier achieved zero penetration with a 7.5 tonne vehicle traveling at 48 kmh (30mph).


The AVS-elli ARSB Anti Ram Sliding Barrier is a cost effective solution where a rated vehicle barrier is required. The sliding boom can either be non-powered or automated with AVS-elli’s reliable drive system. This barrier is ideal for situations where it is not possible to install a rising barrier or there is limited overhead room for a rising boom barrier.
Available with a clear opening of 3000mm or 4500mm.

Worldwide shipping in a standard 40 foot container.

avselli ARSB sliding barrier
AVS-ell ARSB Anti Ram Sliding Barrier
avselli cantilever sliding gate with ARSB sliding HVM barrier

Crash Rating

PAS68:2010 test: 7500[N2]/48/90


  • High security site protection
  • Opens/closes in xx sec
  • Available with a clear opening of 3000mm or 4500mm.
  • PLC Control
  • Easily transported in standard 40 foot container
  • Other SCEC endorsed and PAS 68 barriers available


  • Automated PLC controlled operation.
  • Laser and infrared safety devices.
  • IP rated control cabinets.
  • Safety lighting & signage.
  • Alternative colours.
  • Power fail/backup systems.
  • Wired and wireless controls.
  • Full integration with security and building management systems.


Opening Width: 3m or 4.5m

Height (closed): 900mm

Weight: xxKg

Duty Cycle:

Foundation Depth: xx

Construction: Steel

Finish: Painted finished over HDG available

on request

avselli ARSB HVM barrier end view
avselli ARSB HVM barrier with BG800