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AVS-elli LW1.4 Barrier Test M0026

New AVS-elli Barrier to be PAS 68 Tested in the UK

AVS-elli’s latest product is the LW 1.4 FOLDING BLOCK barrier. The blade is 1.4 metres wide (up from 950 mm), which will give us the ability to put this new barrier either on a standard Quickfit cradle in applications where the energy rating of the full size LW 7 barrier is not required, or the LW 1.4 barrier is able to secure a roadways of 3.4 m in width. This gives our clients a cost effective option whilst meeting the risk profile of the protected site.

The AVS-elli Quickfit system is a modular system where a selection of AVS-elli barriers can be easily interfaced to either the HESCO HRF temporary fencing system or the Highway Care traffic barrier system. The wide blade LW 1.4 will be PAS 68 tested the UK in April or May of 2013.

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