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LW7HC Temporary Rapid Deployment Site Protection System

AVS-elli LW7 HVM vehicle barrier and HighwayCare barrier combination


This high security site protection system combines two best in class products – the AVS-elli PAS 68  LW7 HVM vehicle barrier and the HighwayCare BG800 range of barriers and fences.

The combined barrier system is designed for rapid deployment to secure long complex perimeters for major public events, restricted access building sites, corrective services sites, defence sites and airport and dockside areas when high value vessels are parked up. The system is truly surface mountable with no fixings of any kind required.

Crash Rating



The combined barrier systems are designed for rapid deployment to secure long complex perimeters including:

  • Military forward operating and expeditionary bases and sites
  • Major public events
  • Restricted access sites
  • Prisons
  • Defence establishments
  • Airport & dockside areas where high value assets are parked up


  • Automated PLC controlled hydraulic operation or manual operation.
  • Emergency Fast Up.
  • Laser and infrared safety devices.
  • IP rated control cabinets.
  • Safety lighting & signage.
  • Alternative colours.
  • Single phase or three phase pump.
  • Power fail/backup systems.
  • Wired and wireless controls.
  • Alternative power operation.
  • Full integration with security and building management systems.


Refer to LW7 HVM Barrier page for specifications

Refer to AVS-elli for HighwayCare barrier specifications

avselli PAS68 temporary site protection
avselli LW7 BG800 site protection system
avselli LW7 BG800 site protection system
avselli BG800