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LW4C Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barrier

The AVS-elli LW4C Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barrier is powerful 2.8m wide, twin ram version of our LW Series of Folding Block Barriers. 


The LW4C vehicle barrier is renowned for its effectiveness: weight ratio, and ability to be easily transported and quickly installed. Capable of extremely fast activation, and should the barrier be impacted, it can be immediately replaced for a rapid return to service. Rated to 300 KJ.

avselli LW4 HVM barrier
AVS-elli LW4C vehicle barrier in open position

Crash Rating



The LW4C Surface Mounted Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barrier can be deployed and installed quickly on a suspended slab or bolted to a surface to provide both permanent and temporary high-security for vehicle access points.

  • Rapid-install.
  • Re-locatable.
  • Single Ram.
  • Opens in 2.5-3.0 sec.
  • PLC Control.
  • Surface mount using chemset anchors or cage foundation mount.
  • All delicate components are above the “water table” and therefore not subject to long term water inundation.
  • Bolt down fixing allows rapid replacement after incident and for ease of service.
  • Easily transported in standard air freight container.
  • Pre-fabricated foundation minimizes shipping bulk and cost.
  • SCEC endorsed and PAS 68 barriers available.


  • Automated PLC controlled hydraulic operation or manual operation.
  • Emergency Fast Up.
  • Laser and infrared safety devices.
  • IP rated control cabinets.
  • Safety lighting & signage.
  • Alternative colours.
  • Single phase or three phase pump.
  • Power fail/backup systems.
  • Wired and wireless controls.
  • Alternative power operation.
  • Full integration with security and building management systems.


Overall Width: 1390mm

Blade Width: 950mm

Height (Up): 800mm

Height (Down): 110mm Depth: 1390mm

Weight: 300Kg

Duty Cycle:

Foundation Depth: Foundation typically not  


avselli LW4C HVM barrier
avselli LW barrier transport