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LW1.4 Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barrier

The AVS-elli LW1.4 Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barrier offers easy installation with its light weight and excellent stopping power.


The LW1.4 is a cost effective barrier for commercial applications in service stations (drive off protection), carparks, vehicle dealerships and other related applications. LW1.4 barriers can be specified as manually operated or electrically operated.

The LW1.4 surface mounted road blocker can be installed and deployed quickly on a suspended slab or bolted to a surface to provide temporary high security for access points.

The folding block barrier is designed to be installed on flat concrete slabs with the supplied shallow ramps to smooth vehicle transition. The 1.4 m wide blade allows the barrier to be put in the centre of a standard access lane to control vehicles accessing an area.

Successfully tested to the British PAS 68 certification to withstand a 1,500 kg vehicle travelling at 30 mph, this surface mounted product achieved zero vehicle penetration proving its incredible strength.
This barrier is effective and unobtrusive providing protection for narrow roadways, car parks and access doors. The LW1.4 is ideal for managing traffic flow and can act as a dampener when in the down position, effectively slowing vehicles down. Bolt down fixing allows rapid replacement after an incident or for ease of service.

Able to cope with a high number of operations each hour, the blocker is hydraulically operated and can be integrated into any existing control system .

Infrared beams and photocells are used to provide safety measures for the dynamic road blocker. Additional measures can be added to be site specific.

AVS-elli LW1.4 Barrier Test M0026
avselli LW1.4 barrier up

Crash Rating

PAS 68:


The LW1.4 Surface Mounted Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barrier can be deployed and installed quickly on a suspended slab or bolted to a surface to provide both permanent and temporary high-security for vehicle access points.

  • Rapid-install.
  • Re-locatable.
  • Single Ram.
  • Opens in 2.5-3.0 sec.
  • PLC Control.
  • Surface mount using chemset anchors or cage foundation mount.
  • All delicate components are above the “water table” and therefore not subject to long term water inundation.
  • Bolt down fixing allows rapid replacement after incident and for ease of service.
  • Easily transported in standard air freight container.
  • Pre-fabricated foundation minimizes shipping bulk and cost.


  • Automated PLC controlled hydraulic operation or manual operation.
  • Emergency Fast Up.
  • Laser and infrared safety devices.
  • IP rated control cabinets.
  • Safety lighting & signage.
  • Alternative colours.
  • Single phase or three phase pump.
  • Power fail/backup systems.
  • Wired and wireless controls.
  • Alternative power operation.
  • Full integration with security and building management systems.


Overall Width: 1390mm

Blade Width: 950mm

Height (Up): 800mm

Height (Down): 110mm Depth: 1390mm

Weight: 300Kg

Duty Cycle:

Foundation Depth: Foundation not required

when installed on suspended slab.

avselli LW1.4 barrier closeup
avselli LW4 barrier with ramps
avselli LW1.4 barrier test