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AVS-elli LW3 Quickfit Vehicle Barrier with galvanised finish

IMDEX Asia 2013 AVS-elli Rapidly Deployable Ship Protection System

IMDEX Asia 2013
AVS-elli Rapidly Deployable Ship Protection System
IMDEX Asia 2013, is major exhibition that showcases the latest maritime defence technologies, services and systems. It also has spectacular display of warships from all over the world. This is the 9th edition in the series and will be held from 14 to 16 May 2013 at the Changi Exhibition Centre in Singapore.

AVS-elli is proud to announce that we be part of the Team Defence Australia Stand at IMDEX. AVS-elli has designed, constructed and tested an upgraded “Quickfit Barrier” portable barrier system able to be carried on board an amphibious assault ship and deployed to protect that ship when parked up in a port arrangement. We hope that this will be of great interest to maritime and other the other services as port (and airport) security is a growing concern.

AVS-elli worked alongside HESCO Bastion of the UK to develop an interface for our barrier to the HESCO Bastion rapidly deployable protective wall system. HESCO are now actively offering this system in their market regions.

In the UK, USA, Middle East – HESCO Bastion is widely used by Defence and Coalition Forces.

This barrier achieved PAS 68 @ 7.5 ton 48 kmh endorsement coupled with HESCO Bastion products in April 2012.

The first applications of this barrier system are being completed in Australia at present, this product is designed particularly for temporary protection of long complex perimeters and rapid deployment. Our products are currently used by a number of Australian defence sites as they are Australian designed, engineered and made and can cost effectively provide the required level of protection to meet defence risk assessments.

Come and see us in Singapore. We will have a model of the patented AVS-elli barrier on display at the show and can provide further information about our products.

See the AVS-elli Products page for more information.