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What is a FOLDING BLOCK Barrier?

The AVS-elli LW range of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barriers are referred to as FOLDING BLOCK Barriers.

FOLDING BLOCK technology enables the force of impact to be largely absorbed by the barrier itself, rather than the surface it is mounted to. The big advantage of this technology is fast installation on suspended slabs and fast replacement after impact.

AVS-elli LW FOLDING BLOCK barrier shown in the closed or non-deployed position.

AVS-elli LW FOLDING BLOCK barrier shown in the open or deployed position.



In 2002, in response to an extensive series of terrorist attacks internationally, where large improvised bombs were delivered to targets by light vehicles on normal access routes, AVS-elli focussed its program on the development of solutions that would address a market need for a ‘rapid-install – fast return to service’ barrier product for the global security industry. The result of that extensive R & D program is the FOLDING BLOCK vehicle barrier system which was launched in March 2005 – an exciting innovation that offers versatility, mobility, quick installation, rapid activation, and a very fast ‘return to service’. 

Our FOLDING BLOCK technology has been presented at the International Carnahan Conference of Security Technology, and has been nominated for the prestigious USA PANKOW award for innovation in design. AVS-elli is a member of the British Standards Institute PAS 68 Steering Committee.

In the mid 2000’s we produced a video that discusses the use of vehicles as weapons and the early development of AVS-elli FOLDING BLOCK Barrier technology. See the video below or visit our Youtube channel.


FOLDING BLOCK technology enables the force of impact to be largely absorbed by the barrier itself, rather than the foundation. This type of barrier represents the latest innovation in barrier technology. Designed to be unobtrusive and act as a traffic calming device, when deployed it offers a formidable barrier.

– Unique surface mounted, rapid deployment/rapid replacement /rapid relocation
– Installed in as little as half a day
– Fast activation
– Use on suspended slabs
– Lightweight and easily transported
– Use as a speed hump/traffic calmer
– Operate by hand, mains power or battery
– PAS 68 tested in the UK
– Endorsed for government use in Australia by ASIO (SCEC)
– Long Life and reliability

AVS-elli undertook a major reliability test program with our LW3 FOLDING BLOCK Barrier. The Folding Block barrier was operated to well in excess of 100,000 cycles before the test was stopped. Only minimal lubrication and tightening of a couple of fixings was required which equates to normal preventative maintenance activities. That’s an impressive result!

avselli LW barrier ghost image

Designed and built in Australia, the AVS-elli LW Series FOLDING BLOCK barriers use our proven geometry and energy dissipation methods to arrest hostile vehicles. Our FOLDING BLOCK barriers are designed to be installed on flat slabs with shallow ramps to smooth the approach and departure.


Reliability LW Series barriers utilise the proven AVS-elli LW Series design with reliable hydraulic operation.

Durability All steel construction with minimal electronics in the barrier.

Secure The barrier is self-locked in in the “up” position to avoid an unauthorized person from over riding the barrier. PAS68 testing is your assurance of protection for your site.

Fast installation Surface mount direct to a concrete slab using chemset anchors or cage foundation mount where recessed installation is required.

Fast Replacement With bolt down fixings and the energy absorbing properties of the barrier allows rapid replacement after incident and for ease of service.

Easily transported in standard air freight containers.

PLC control system Interfaces to any security or building management system.

AVS-elli HVM barriers have protected the Prime Minister of Australia, the Cabinet of the Australian Government, the last 2 Presidents of the USA and the English Princes when visiting Australia. AVS-elli have been designing and manufacturing Hostile Vehicle Mitigation barriers to provide a flexible and adaptive barrier for use where standard foundation type barriers are not appropriate, or where light weight, fast deployment barriers are required for permanent or temporary installation.