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BUX01 & BUX02 High Security Fixed Bollard


Manufactured in Australia by AVS-elli, the BUX01 and BUX 02 bollards strengthen our already comprehensive range of security equipment. In addition to supplying the highest quality product, AVS-elli adds value with our security knowledge, engineered design and project management.

AVS-elli can supply a full range of fixed security bollards, designed to prevent unwanted vehicle access. Bollards can range from lightweight models right through to PAS 68 rated bollards.

Shallow mount bollards are are also available and are suitable for difficult sites where underground services cannot be disturbed.

AVS-elli fixed bollards in yellow.

AVS-elli are specialists at difficult site installations. Some sites have significant challenges with the myriad of underground services in the way and only a shallow mounting depth available. AVS-elli can undertake the detailed engineering and installation required to mount security bollards in shallow applications and can even provide options to install bollards and barriers over a suspended structure whilst maintaining the barriers’ impact rating.

Crash Rating

Bux 01 V/7500/{N2}/64/90:3.3/0.0

Bux 02 V/7500/{N3}/80/90:10.6/11.1


Bollards can operate as an independent security system but more often form part of an overall security strategy with other security products including automatic gates and active vehicle barriers such as the AVS-elli LW Series vehicle barriers.

Bollards are designed to prevent unwanted vehicle access. AVS-elli Security steel bollards and stainless steel bollards protect against ram-raiding, ensuring your commercial or industrial property is thoroughly protected.

The highest level of protection is offered by PAS 68 tested security bollards. PAS 68 products are the result of of actual crash testing, supported by the UK Government’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) as part of the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Programme.

Ask AVS-elli for further information on our complete range of PAS 68 tested products.


Bollards are available to suit every application:

  • steel bollards
  • stainless bollards
  • lighting bollards
  • retractable bollards
  • removable bollards
  • architectural bollards
  • industrial bollards
  • security bollards
  • high security PAS 68


Height: xxmm

Weight: xxKg

Foundation Depth: xxmm

AVS-elli Fixed Bollards yellow
AVS-ell ARSB Anti Ram Sliding Barrier