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BG800 Barrier Lifter

The AVS-elli BG800 Barrier Lifter is designed and engineered to lift BG800 barrier sections safely and easily.

The BG800 Lifter is designed to facilitate the safe loading and unloading of BarrierGuard BG800 to/from trucks and place the barrier sections into position on the roadway using a truck-mounted crane.

The product was developed to improve OH&S issues – in particular to remove the need for personnel to stand on trucks to attach barrier sections to the lifting equipment.

The BG800 Lifter consists of a welded fabricated framework that is lowered over a resting barrier. Using the two attached ropes, an operator is able to actuate a mechanical linkage assembly, which rotates two feet that are attached to vertical shafts, which supports one lower side of the barrier. Rotation of the feet to the engaged position for lifting is limited by a 16 mm diameter pin though the vertical shaft, which sits into a detent position. This pin-detent arrangement provides a means of avoiding inadvertent detachment thus complying with AS4991 cl 2.7. This pin also retains the vertical shaft to the frame assembly.

The lifter is rated to lift 1800Kg. 2 x 6m lengths of BG800 barrier.

AVS-elli BarrierGuard Lifter in operation

Developed for Safety

Before the AVS-elli BG800 lifter was developed, work crews were required to climb on top of a load of barriers on the delivery truck to attach the lifting chains. This was a highly risky task as the operator could fall from the truck or be crushed should the load move.

With the AVS-elli BG800 lifter, the operator is no longer required to climb on the truck or on the load. The lifter is simply lowered onto the centre point of the load and the operator, from a safe location on the ground, pulls a rope which engages the locking feet under the barrier. The load can then be safely lifted by the crane.

Using the AVS-elli BG800 lifter helps you meet your OHS requirements.

Unsafe road barrier lifting

Crash Rating

Not applicable to this product.


Safer operation – Work crews are no longer required to climb delivery trucks.

Clear indication of load locked and load released stuff.

Integrated tool box to house the lifting chains and slings.

Supplied with four rated lifting chains and lifting rings.



Load Rating:

Rated to lift 1800Kg. (2 x 6m lengths of BG800



Cradle and lifting chains is approximately


Finish: Painted finish. Orange

avselli BG800 Barrier Lifter close up